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String Cheese Incident Live at UIC Pavilion on 2004-10-30

Topics Live concert

Set 1: San Jose, Sirens > Jam > Rhum 'n' Zouc, Doin' My Time, Texas Town > Got What He Wanted¹ > It Is What It Is

Set 2: Shakedown Street² > ¡BAM!, Heart of Saturday Night, Joyful Sound, Orion's Belt, Valley of the Jig, What I Know, Outside Inside > Jessica

Encore: Land's End > Smile

Collection StringCheeseIncident
Band/Artist String Cheese Incident
Venue UIC Pavilion
Location Chicago, IL

Source AKG ck93 (XY@80°, 8', ROC) > mk90/3+h98 > se300b (no XLR cable) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade P-Mod) > optical > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (@ 44.1)
Lineage Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 > FireWire > CDWav > FLAC
Taped by Paul Hofferkamp
Transferred by Paul Hofferkamp


¹ with Chameleon jam.
² The band came onstage and played the remainder of Shakedown Street (setbreak music) and went into ¡BAM!.

Enjoy! I know I did!


Reviewer: CodeBlue1037 - - January 30, 2009
Subject: Good show.
Sweet little jam on Texas Town. IIWII isn't bad either. The Shakedown Street jam is pretty cool, i wish I could have heard that live. One correction - the track "What I Know" is actually entitled "Eye Know Why."
Reviewer: _Rotten_ - - March 12, 2008
Subject: Amazing
Best version of Jessica I've ever heard! This group seems to get better and better.
Reviewer: St.Stephen71 - - July 10, 2006
Subject: Good Show
Very cool show sound quality is 4 but music is 5 though
Reviewer: SallyStrutter - - December 1, 2005
Subject: AWESOME
WOW this show was GREAT!
Reviewer: hipschoolpreppy - - October 11, 2005
Subject: def great
oh why is archive not working for me lately, i moved and now i have little cheese and i cant seem to download some of my favorite ones, this one is high up there
Reviewer: GratefulGreg - - July 6, 2005
Subject: Best Cheese Ever
This is the best Cheese show i have ever seen.
Reviewer: Dicky79 - - December 5, 2004
Subject: SOUND
i think SCI's sound engineer is absolutely incredible. to hear an audience in a sh*t-hole like UIC sound like this is incredible. he's got to be at least half the reason anyone cares about this band.
Reviewer: irishman87 - - November 30, 2004
Subject: incredible
the recording itself is incredible but the show is where the magic is. the shakedown street jam brought everyone to their feet and dancing. But for me the highlight was the last 4 songs. Outside Inside>Jessica Land's End>Smile. This was probably one of the greatest closing segments of any SCI concert ever. Just the energy coming from the band and the crowd was magical. Thank you so much for taping such an incredible show
Reviewer: jingleballs - - November 9, 2004
Subject: Shiznizzle
This show was atreat to my bones. My young child was present at this show, and she had one heck of a time.
Reviewer: givememyhatback - - November 8, 2004
Subject: Cant compare
One week later and I am still stunned. This was my third incident, and by far the best show I have ever seen live. I got a copy of the show and it is the only thing I have listened to for a week.
First of all, I wanted to say that as soon as I heard that SCI had added a new member, I got a hold of the first few shows Jason Hann was on, and he didnt seem like he clicked with the band. Well whatever happened between August and October must have been magical because him and Travis were absolutley ON FIRE for the entire show. He adds a ton of sound and innovation to the mix and I look forward to many many more String Cheese shows.
Now on to the music. San Jose was a good way to start the show and somewhere inbetween Sirens and Rhum the band had already kicked it into overdrive and really got everyone grooving for the rest of the show. The Got What He Wanted into IIWII was for me the highlight of the first set, as I have always wanted to see IIWII preformed, and they did a magnificent job at it as well.
During the setbreak they began to play Shakedown over the PA and people were getting in to it as Travis came out and started playing with it, followed by the rest of the band. It was a nice suprise and a very interesting way to start of the second set. Joyful Sound was amazing, its always a treat to hear Keith singing. Valley of the Jig Kang was tearing it up on his violin and I thought it was in general a very grooving song. The highlight of the second set, obviously, was the Oustide Inside into Jessica. A seamless transition proved very effective and got the crowd begging for more.
The most incredible part of the show was another song that I have always wanted to see performed live, Lands End. This was hands down the highlight of the show and worth the $28 ticket and the 5 hour drive from St. Louis. It started off real mellow and they kept building it and building it. Billy was playing some really impressive stuff and I thought he was going to run out of ideas but nope, he kept coming up with stuff, and as the band began to follow suit they reached an unearthly climax and at that point they showed true musicianship that made me just stand in awe and realize just how incredible the String Cheese Incident really are.
Reviewer: ocomik - - November 4, 2004
Subject: String Cheese Brings The Shakedown On UIC Crowd
From the opening riff on San Jose to the closing note on the Allman BrotherÂs ÂJessicaÂ, the String Cheese Incident delivered a performance for the ages. Those that witnessed the show described it as not only being one of the best String Cheese performances they had ever seen but one of the best concert performances they had ever attended.

The first set was a Âsmoker with each song building off of the momentum of the next, so much so that it became apparent you were witnessing something special. By the time the first set concluded with ÂIt Is What It IsÂ, I felt they could have ended the show and I would have more than got what I paid for. Thank [enter name of deity here] it wasnÂt over because the best was yet to come.

As the set break music climbed through air, I vaguely recall it being cut-off mid-stream and the Grateful DeadÂs Shakedown Street bass line beginning to thump. The crowd cheered and for the first time I can ever recall seeing, began dancing to the set break music. It was all very surreal but after all, if Shakedown canÂt get you to shake your bones - not much will.

Eventually the lights faded, the band hit the stage with Shakedown in the background and slowly began interweaving their playing along with the house music. It was done so seamless that most of the audience wasnÂt aware at first what had transpired. Upon the discovery, the house erupted and the ÂNantucket sleigh ride of the second set was off and running.

The second set was electric and seemed to bring extended jams culminating on even more extended jams. The band wound their way through such tunes as ÂJoyful SoundÂ, ÂOrionÂs BeltÂ, and a never ending version of ÂValley Of The JigÂ. As they came out of ÂOutside InsideÂ, they slipped into ÂJessicaÂ, the Allman BrotherÂs classic, and the audience hit another gear. Without over-indulging in excessive adjectives  simply put; it was amazing and beautiful, and concluded in my eyes a perfect second set. Although the band did return for an encore, I was too spent, emotionally and physically, from what had already transpired to really take the rest of it in.

SCIÂs performance this night was truly one of the top three I have ever seen. I think itÂs safe to say that I was spoiled by their performance, which has raised my expectations of what is capable in a live music setting.

Next week (11/07/2004) TheMusicNeverStopped.netÂs PodCast will be featuring SCIÂs performances on 10/29 and 10/30 at the University Illinois - Chicago. WeÂll have highlights from the two shows as well as additional material from the scene. Take care!
Reviewer: McHooligan - - November 4, 2004
Subject: Great
Different from the 29th, and probably better, this show will please. Jessica closer with a lands end>smile encore!!!! Was having too much fun!!!!
Reviewer: Unionite - - November 4, 2004
Subject: mellow
a kinda mellow show for Halloween Eve...i really like HEART OF SATURDAY NIGHT,nice long encore with LANDS END>SMILE!!
Reviewer: ChgoJoel - - November 4, 2004
Subject: Smiles!
This had to be not just one of the best Cheese shows I've been to (ok, only my 2nd show!), but it was probably one of the best concert experiences in my 15+ years of concert going. Having floor was key, but the music is so unique, so much energy and multi-dimensional. Bringing up the 2nd step segue from Shakedown Street, MAN I've never experienced anything like that. You couldn't tell where the overhead SS ended and where SCI began. Already itchin for my next incident!! :-D
Reviewer: JPhresh - - November 4, 2004
Subject: A Helluva Halloween Hoedown
The 29th and the 30th were my first cheese shows and all i can say is wow! The 30th was definatley the better show, but both shows were amazing. Although the security before and after the shows were uptight, everyone was still having the time of thier lives. Being the day before Halloween, my bro and I donned our scooby and shaggy uniforms and went to town. I, along with 75% of the crowd, remember getting down to Shakedown because they had turned it up loud. Then it only got better when the band came out and jammed out the rest of it. Then, that lead into Bam! The rest of the show I could see that everyone in the pavilion was having the time of thier lives. Thanks for an amazing experience, cheese!
Reviewer: Austin McCutchen - - November 4, 2004
Subject: Wow!
I really hope this bootleg is as good as the show was, cause it was unfreakin believable. The best cheese show I've ever been to. Jessica, aw man so good. A lot of spacey jams too, and ya gotta love those.
Reviewer: StringCheeseIncidentNumero1 - - November 3, 2004
Subject: Mabye Because its midnight, in the dark of the moon... maybe the darkness from your eyes.. you know you got such dark eyes..
wow man, what a killler show!!! all i can say is Shakedown into Bam! man oh man, seing as how bam was on the first incident i was able to listen to, my god what great shit!

im not going to hog the light, ill leave that for the cheese, but as i depart i will leave you with this :)

One day, at a splendid music festival, one of my good buddies asked me a question, the question was asked during an intermission between set 1 and set 2, here is how it went
"hey man, what do you think their doing right now?"
i simply replied with a big grin
"man they are doing exactly what we are doing"
laughs followed and random people around us seemed to be in agreement with their slight chuckles and friendly gestures, shook hands introduced ourselves, and then before you know it the band is right back where they were in the first place.

cool little story huh?
Reviewer: OnTheRoad - - November 3, 2004
Subject: Raging good time
Security at the door was tight, and nearly submitted to a cavity search, but it was worth it! The Shakedown after the 1st set was an unexpected surprise. Cant wait to hear the Hulaween show!
Reviewer: strocksb - - November 3, 2004
Subject: great show!
This was a great show, full of mellow lows and intense "dance like mad" peaks. Highlight was probably the beginning of the second set with the seamless transition into "Shakedown Street" that had been playing over the PA. Highly recommend this one.
Reviewer: Jax - - November 3, 2004
Subject: Sweet show
Well, I have yet to listen to the recording-- downloading as I type here, but the show was awesome. First SCI show I've seen, I'll tell you I was dancing a lot more than I expected I would. The crowd was great guys, and props for the creative costumes! Oh yea, and when they busted into Jessica... Its the sweetest thing to have recordings of shows that I attend.
...Chris, you rock!
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